About Two’s Reviews

Hi, welcome to Two’s Reviews. I’m Two, the reviewer. Um. (Yes, it’s a pseudonym, although with name trends these days, you never can tell, can you?) It’s an old nickname of sorts; it came from having a very common name and always being the 2nd one around. Also, it rhymes with “reviews,” so there you go.

I love reading. I read pretty much all the time–it’s more of a lifestyle than a hobby. If pressed for reading material, I have been known to read phone books and dish soap labels. I wouldn’t call myself an expert at books, just an (extremely) enthusiastic amateur.

This is a (mostly) book review blog run by me. Reviews are posted twice weekly (Mondays and Thursdays), with additional monthly guest posts. A quick caveat for the newbies and those with short memories and/or attention spans:  All books reviewed here are ones I (or a guest reviewer) love, so there won’t be any  “I hated this book and here’s why” reviews (life is far to short to waste on crappy books, let alone review them), nor do I receive any money or products for recommending anything. This is a place for books I love and want to recommend/share/foist off on others. Newer titles, older stuff, classic literature, whatever.

Welcome, again, to Two’s Reviews. I hope you like it here.


One thought on “About Two’s Reviews

  1. Congratulations on the new site! I might occasionally stop by here from Australia and, who knows, maybe pick up one of the reviewed books. Keep it up, it’s not easy to keep going long term. Have fun enlightening us 🙂


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