What is a P.A.Q.?

It stands for “preemptively answered questions.” I figured I’d try to head off any questions by answering some obvious ones before anybody gets around to asking them.

Why are you doing this?

I read a lot. I occasionally get approached by people asking for reading suggestions, and this seemed like a natural sort of progression.  Also, it gives me a hobby.

Why should I listen to you?

Well, I firmly believe that reading should be enjoyable and entertaining. There’s nothing worse than a terrible book, so I try not to read them, and I absolutely don’t tell anybody else to read them. So I only talk (write?) about books that are fun and/or interesting. If you’re looking for something along those lines, welcome! Otherwise, I guess you’re SOL.

Why haven’t you reviewed [insert title/author here]?

One of two reasons: either I haven’t gotten round to it yet (I’m only doing two per week, so it may be awhile) or I don’t think it’s worth reviewing. To cut down on complaints, just assume it’s the first one.

Your reviews don’t have a lot of ‘review’ to them. They’re mostly summaries with a bit tacked on at the end. Why?

Well, I’d rather give enough information to let people decide for themselves if a book sounds like something they’d be interested in, rather than grab them by the lapels and yell at them about how great a particular book is. I love every book I review here, but yammering on about how wonderful this passage was or how funny some clever bit of wordplay is won’t do much good if nobody can tell what it’s about. So I try to be fairly accurate (if a bit idiosyncratic) in the summaries, and then just say a bit about why I liked it, or why someone else might like it.

Your site is just the best ever. Can I tell all my friends?


Your site is just the worst ever. Can I tell all my friends?


Why do you do the ‘Don’t Read if” thing? It’s weird.




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